1 - Fixing the Proteus 2500

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 22 August 2019 08:03

As with any old electronics, minor repairs are often required when you get sometyhing off Reverb or EBay.

Two things I needed to fix on this were easy goings, one was it has some bad pots on the interface, and the headphone volume pot was bent.

You can see above it has 16 pots, luckily there are spare PCB's around that make this easy to swap in and out!

The volume pot was the same, a small pcb with a right angled pot (it has a custom shroud).

When you take the board out, you have to be careful with all these tiny light pipes and how they line up.

Now, if rom boards were not so expensive or hard to get, I'd be expanding it a bit more.

tags: E-MU, Proteus 2500, ROMpler


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