This is the landing point for some of my projects you can follow along with.

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Bell and Howell Tube Amp

Created on June 10 2021 - 07:51

Bell and Howell projector to guitar amp conversion

Bell & Howell Amp

E-MU Hardware

Created on August 10 2019 - 13:03

My E-MU Audio Hardware. All things to do with my E-MU hardware samples and such, my Proteus 2500, ESI-4000, Darwin and my Ultra E6400.

My E6400 Ultra


Created on April 29 2018 - 15:46

Building a custom Amiga computer

Amiga 1000


Created on November 4 2017 - 11:21

Setting up and working on my Homelab

(Picture for show, not my actual homelab)



Created on December 24 2016 - 15:02

EuroRack Modular Synth build

(Picture for show, this is not mine)

Modular Synth 6U, patched


Created on November 7 2016 - 19:48

Time to upgrade the 486 into a Super Socket 7 retro build!

Modular Synth 6U, patched


Created on June 27 2016 - 21:43

ISA 8088 Single Board Computer Build

XI 8088 PCB


Created on January 20 2016 - 22:33

ISA 80486 Retro Computer Build

80486 SBC


Created on January 20 2016 - 22:33

Lets convert an arcade NAOMI into a more fun lounge gaming system!

Modular Synth 6U, patched

Voltage Reference

Created on December 31 2015 - 08:16

Simple 10V Voltage Reference

Voltage Reference revision 0

Bifrost Z80 Computer

Created on August 27 2015 - 11:20

Bifrost Z80 Retro Computer

Z80 on a breadboard

Time Server

Created on August 27 2015 - 11:20

Putting an NTS-200 Time Server into the network stack

NTS-200 Time Server

C64 Power Box

Created on July 13 2015 - 22:13

Multi C64 Power box and drive switcher

C64 IEC switcher PCB

GPIB PSU Front End

Created on July 1 2015 - 19:43

This is a front end for controlling a GPIB capable Power Supply over GPIB/VXI

Fluke PM2813 and GPIB to Ethernet switcher