5 - Little Brothers

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 30 July 2015 17:23

Today I picked the PM2813's little brother, a PM2811 also from Fluke except this time it comes with the 30V/10A/60W module, as all three modules in my PM2813 are 60V/5A.

I hooked it up and the code did what it was supposed to, bring up a single channel as well as correctly detect it was a 30V module.

It has show I need to clean up the single channel interface and how it displays its information

Whats really lacking is plotting power data over time, which is going to be an, shall we say, interesting, challenge. Since I know at each millisecond when the data was grabbed, I'm going to have to go over all the frames and average what number of frames fall within a second and plot them.

tags: GPIB, PM2811, PSU


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