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Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 3 July 2015 16:26

I have picked up a really nice PSU from EBay. Its a Philips / Fluke PM2813.

These are nice units, designed by Philips, and later the Test/Measurement side of the business was sold off to Fluke. So quite often you will see the same model numbers as either Philips or Fluke branded, but they are all designed by Philips.

You can see here, I got a nice PM2813, it has a single line LCD display and some basic entry buttons. (Sitting on top is an ICS 8065, it connects a GPIB cable onto the LAN turning it into VXI. Very handy, but slow).

It has three channels, each channel capable of 60V/5A/60W. Now this is not 5A at any voltage from 0-60, each channel is limited to 60 watts.

You can see, you get the full 5A up to 12V, (5A * 12V = 60W), then the power curve kicks in, so at 60V you can have 1A.

On the back, each channel has 4 connectors, +ve, -ve as well as sense+ and sense- terminals.

I did feel kind of bad, it was last calibrated by Fluke 2 years ago and I had to break the cal seals to check the Lithium battery inside it.

Hooking it up to my ICS 8065, I got it talking over VXI.

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