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Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 20 January 2016 22:34

I've had this idea for a very long time, which was to build a kind of Naomi in a box. The first Home Video Game Console that ever really grabbed me was the Dreamcast. Living where we did in Australia, it was a large multicultural melting pot, and one of the larger ethnicities was Chinese.

I was lucky enough to get an Asian Dreamcast, which meant it could play Japanese games! Whooohoo! I still have some in the hopes that one day I would get a modded dreamcast from ebay...

You can see I have two copies of Dead or Alive 2, the original one, and the special Limited Edition version of Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore!

Well, on a kind of side track, instead I've got a SEGA Naomi which is basically the arcade variant of the Dreamcast, supped up a little.

The Naomi basically had twice the graphics cores, twice the system ram and its bandwidth in all areas was a massive improvement over the dreamcast.

The downside, a lot of my favourite Dreamcast games didnt ever make it to the Naomi (Think of things like Soul Calibure which was on Namco System 12 hardware in the arcade, Gunbird 2 which was Capcom CPS II hardware etc...)

But! It certainly has some awesome titles like Marvel vs Capcom 2 which is just FANTASTIC!

Updates to come, where I will outline my basic plan for the Naomi and what we are going to do! (I'm already working on some custom pcb's!)



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