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Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 24 December 2016 15:03

You know how random things creep up on you? Suddenly I was interested in EuroRack style Modular Synths.

Things get expensinve when you want to build modular synth, especially things like power supplies that really were not all that complex.

So, like any other hobbyist, I drew up the design of my own.

A module synth eurorack uses +12, +5, -12 DC voltages.

Overall design idea was to have 1Amp each on +12, -12, +5. Our regulators can do 2A each, so we split it into two rails. I'm using the 6 pin molex for output that matches with the SynthroTek power disitribution boards.

First revision 0, was as basic as it gets. A classic diode bridge, some smoothing caps and 3 voltage regulators. Pretty basic by any means.

Revision 1 just added some automotive 1Amp fuses, otherwise little change.

Revision 2 added some voltage monitoring and LED's to show you which rails were good or bad.

Revision 3 is the final revision; Switched from individual diodes to a standard diode bridge IC and some minor minor tweaking.

Revision 4 is just a Revision 3 reduced to a single output allowing us to have 2A on all 3 outputs, and reduce PCB size.

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