0 - C64 Power Box

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 13 July 2015 22:13

The C64 has a very notorious power supply, its an old brick that is fully potted up, it overheats and often takes out the C64 with it.

Its a very bad design.

My goal on this project is to replace the external brick, but were going go to a step further. Were going to add a bunch of ports on the back to power up to TWO C64's, as well as up to 4x 1541-II drives (or 1571 drives, as they share the same power plug pinout).

Since were adding power for up to 4 drives, were going to also add in the 4 IEC bus ports, as well as two to the C64's and allow switches to toggle the drives between the two busses.

All in one box!

tags: C64, IEC, PSU


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