10 - A quick fan upgrade

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 11 July 2021 19:00

Just a small upgrade today, were replacing the fan on the PSU/Chassis.

You can see the really old 12v fan is diiiirty and its LOUD. Like super LOUD.

The fan connector uses the worst kind of connector and I hate them, they are push fit connectors, they have tiny blades that cut the wires when they are pushed in. Why they didnt use pinned molex like in other parts of the Ultra I'll never know, but perhaps it came wired from the factory this way.

That blue connector with the red and black wires is the fan connector.

You can see its a 4 pin connector but we only use the middle two, a ground and a 12 VDC wire.

Were going to replace it with a Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX, this is a standard 12v 40x20mm fan but it expects are PWM wire, which we dont have, so were using the inline adapters provided with us to drop the voltage down to reduce fan speed but still moving enough air.

The OmniJoin is what allows us to keep the original fan connector.

Make sure you have the arrow on the fan pointing out.

Here you can see OmniJoin connecting our new fan to the old connector!

All buttoned back up its whisper quiet using the rubber grommets.

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