2 - Button Fixing

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 7 February 2016 17:28

Spent a little bit of time carefully removing the rubber layer off the keyboard and cleaning the contacts. I ended up ordering a button repair kit from ebay which has 10 small contacts that stick over the button placement.

This worked out like a charm, cleaned up the pcb, and stuck on the tiny button caps from the repair kit. I ran a continuity test and that came back fine!

Time to screw it all back up.

Once that is done all I need to do is hook up the antenna. That is not going to be the easiest of tasks. I'm in the basement, antenna goes on roof!

So the next step will be to acquire 100ft of LMR-240 cable with male BNC on one end and male TNC on the other end.

tags: GPS, Homelab, NTP, NTS-200


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