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Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 4 July 2016 14:32

Parts are arriving, case should be here tomorrow, so whats going on?

Last post I showed the 3COM 3C503 Etherlink II networking card, today we have the venerable CT1350B... aka Sound Blaster 2.0!

Revision 4, with the all important CT1336 bus chip. This version of the chip will let as add the Creative Music System (C/MS) aka Game Blaster functionality to the card, this requires two Philips SAA1099 chips and a GAL.

We have to thank Chuck(G) over at Vintage Computer forum who dumped the GAL to allow us to program new ones.

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So, the SAA1099 chips are easy to get.. the GAL's are pretty easy to get too, the downfall for me is Chuck(G)'s JED file that you program new GAL's with, my programmer does not like it. The crappy software of the Genius G840 does not like the comment lines and info in the JED file. If I remove those, it load and programs but fails verification...

I think my plan will be to do the erase, blank check, program, encrypt and ignore the verification check and just see if it works by running some games/drivers that use it and listen to the output!

The next two steps after the sound card testing stuff is I really really need to do the XT-CF-Lite card so I can have drives and maybe look at a floppy controller so I can do some testing with some floppy images on the old OS I wrote.

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Adam VanNuck said on December 10, 2018 23:07:10;
      Do you still have the original Chuck(G) SB20JED.ZIP file to program the GAL for a Sound Blaster 2.0? I don't see any link to it on the original post anymore.

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