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Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 29 April 2018 15:46

So, I procrastinate hard! I've had this project since like 2013 with all its parts, and spent no time doing it, so now its time to change that and get started!

The raw unpopulated motherboard, with something like 600 components that need to be soldered on!

This is the 68060 accelerator with 128mb ram pcb (on the left), and a clone of the Picaso II graphics card.

This is the clone of the Thylacine USB and a Amiga 500 version of the Picaso II card from above (which I dont need).

The goal is a working GBA1000, which was originally the schematics of the famous Phoenix motherboard, which in turn, was an Amiga 1000 compatible design that used some chips from the Amiga 3000. Georg Braun in Germany made many many changes to the schematics and now we have something that is halfway between an Amiga 1000 and an Amiga 3000.

  • Motorola 68030 CPU at 50mhz
  • Motorola 68882 FPU at 50mhz
  • 8mb ram
  • Zorro II slot
  • Amber flicker fixer
  • ECS chipset with 2mb Agnus
  • IDE chipset using Oktagon rom
  • Two kickstart sockets

I have used a donor Amiga 500+ motherboard that had some battery damage from a trapdoor expansion, that gave up its DB23 sockets and oddball crystal oscillator.

Its going to be housed in a nice Amiga 1000 case thats not very yellow (I think from memory, some of its case clips might be broken unfortunately)

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