1 - Connections

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 13 February 2016 11:55

Originally the plan for this was to use 3 row DIN connectors, the classic VME bus connectors, but fate has dropped into my lap several ISA backplanes (7 slot, 8 slot etc). So I might just use what I have...

That will probaly change the design somewhat, as it will restrict me to using the same voltage/ground pins, but anything else will be fair game.

I might also end up converting from a Z80 to using a 16mhz MIPS r2000 cpu. I think that would be pretty cool, a 32bit cpu, r2k was pretty ground breaking at the time.

To that effect, I have been sourcing and tracking down documentation, which has turned out to be a right pain. I have not yet determined if I need an accompanying chipset or not, I believe it has an integrated FPU, which makes it a later r2000 release.

tags: CP/M, MIPRS R2000, Microcomputer


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